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          My culinary expertise with seasonal ingredients assures we can create your intimate dinners, ceremonial rites of passage, corporate meetings, memorial gatherings and wedding banquets, and memorable feasts. Costs for food include a price per person (depends on your menu selection), shopping, food preparation, planning, setup, kitchen charge, tax, delivery, and my labor ($50/hr) at the event. Labor costs are paid individually by you to each staff person: servers at $22.00 an hour, dishwashers at $15.00, and bartenders at $24.00. Names will be provided for the staffing prior to the catering of your event. A gratuity of 15% on our service time is appreciated.
          We supply all of our service platters and serving utensils, cocktail napkins, punch bowl and coffee urn. All alcoholic beverages are supplied by you and served by one of our trained bartenders. Once the level of formality is established I suggest rental items needed for the food service. Ordering and billing for the rentals is your obligation; this assures you get the look you desire.
          Life has many special moments to celebrate; some are quiet and intimate and others require a larger statement. Thank you for thinking of us for your catering needs.


Wedding buffet

Wedding  guests at buffet


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